Interview with a Trichologist - Dandruff Myths Busted

Expert trichologist Stephanie Sey discusses commonly held beliefs about dandruff and whether they are true or false.

Myth 1: Try avocado oil on your scalp.

It is not recommended to put avocado oil on your scalp. Dandruff is a lipid-feeding condition which means it feeds off the lipids on your scalp, such as sebum. Adding extra oil, like avocado oil, may make it worse. I would suggest eating the avocado instead.


Myth 2: Brush your hair for three minutes a day to stimulate the oils on your scalp.

Usually, this may be a great idea because the oils on your scalp can help to condition the hair. However, if you’ve got an oily scalp already and you have a condition like dandruff this could make things worse.


Myth 3: Honey is great for hair and helps with scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Honey is an amazing product, which has many conditioning properties. It’s a humectant which means it draws moisture from the atmosphere and can leave the hair soft and supple. However, I’ve not seen any evidence to suggest that it helps cure dandruff.

Myth 4: Showering with cooler water can help stop dandruff.

Showering with cooler water could perhaps help with the general condition of the skin. It could make your skin less dry because hot water can dry out your skin.


Myth 5: Remove all the toxic, stressful and negative people in your life.

 I really like this one because stress can exacerbate the condition. Having a friend clear out is always a good idea - not everybody in your life is good for your life!


Myth 6: Vinegar is extremely effective for the treatment of dandruff.

Vinegar has some excellent properties. It can help to lower PH levels and therefore can create an ecosystem that fungus doesn’t thrive in. However, vinegar isn’t something that can treat dandruff specifically.


Myth 7: Green tea fights dandruff.

Green tea has some great qualities for the hair because it’s an antioxidant and also can provide some shine if the water is cool. But as for treating dandruff, I wouldn't say that's the case.

Myth 8: Mouthwash is great for treating dandruff.

This one did make me laugh a little bit because I wondered how someone discovered this. Mouthwash has antibacterial properties and that’s probably where the myth has come from. Aside from that, I haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that it does work.


The best way to find out whether a myth is true or false is to speak to a professional. Find someone who has expert knowledge about the subject and can answer your questions. 


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Stephanie does not endorse any medicinal brands or products.