It might look like dandruff – even if it’s not

There are a number of external factors and skin conditions that may present similar symptoms to dandruff, such as itching and flaking. Although the symptoms may be similar, treatment options can vary, so it’s important to find out what is causing your symptoms so that you can find the appropriate care.

Head lice

Have you noticed a younger family member scratching their head? Head lice are very common in children and their families, and are thought to cause itching in a third of children’s cases*. Living close to the scalp, the insects can bite the skin which then leads to itchiness. To find out whether head lice are causing the itch, you can examine the scalp thoroughly, looking for live lice which are greyish in colour and can be as small as 2mm. There are a range of at-home treatments available for head lice, including medicated sprays and lotions.


If you have been spending lots of time in the sunshine, an itchy scalp could be due to sunburn. Other symptoms to look out for include redness or tenderness in the area, and peeling in the days after. If you are experiencing sunburn on your scalp, you should cover the area from sunlight while the skin recovers. Over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used for pain relief. A cold shower may also help to cool the area down.

Dry Scalp

If you are experiencing dryness, itching and flaking on your scalp, dandruff might be the first thing to spring to mind. But you could actually be experiencing a dry scalp. Dry scalp can occur if your skin does not have enough moisture. Exposure to cold, dry air or irritants can also contribute to the condition. In contrast, dandruff is actually an oily condition. A primary cause of dandruff is malassezia; a yeast that is found on our scalps and feeds on the sebum we produce naturally.

Got dandruff?

Nizoral can help you say goodbye to dandruff. Get to the root of the problem, with effective relief from the symptoms and cause. Regular use can:

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  • Give long-lasting freedom from dandruff without having to give up your favourite beauty shampoo**


*according to 
**when used every 1-2 weeks after the initial treatment period.