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Your scalp may be perfectly healthy…

Some people are just born lucky, and you’re one of them!

A healthy scalp has balanced pH levels and as a result, there is normal production of Malassezia (the fungus that exists on everyone's scalp) and the sebacceous glands (which produce oil) aren't too active. Ultimately, the owner of such a scalp can enjoy healthy, happy hair most of the time.

To maintain your healthy scalp, avoid extreme hair treatments and styling products and ensure you’re eating a balanced diet – your scalp will thank you.

Top Tip

Don't be tempted to scrub your scalp too aggressively when washing your hair, as this can cause breakage and aggravate the scalp. Instead, try gently massaging your scalp with an exfoliating brush while shampooing.

Only apply conditioner on the lengths of your hair. Your scalp doesn’t need the extra moisturisation, it’s already doing a great job of staying hydrated on it’s own.

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