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Your scalp may be on the drier side…

A dry scalp leads to dry hair, so you may experience frizzy hair that’s hard to style and easily tangles.

If you experience flaking, this shouldn't always be mistaken for dandruff. It's important to distinguish whether this is dandruff or dry skin that’s extending to your scalp. If you do notice small, dry flakes (as opposed to larger, oily ones) then it's unlikely to be dandruff, as this is caused by excess oils.

The trick to improving the condition of your scalp is moisture - and lots of it.

Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and use a deep conditioning mask or oil once a week.

A dry scalp can be caused by contact dermatitis, which is similar to an allergic reaction. Try replacing your hair products with gentler alternatives to see if this fixes the problem.

Top Tip

Rule one... stay hydrated! Keeping your body topped up with water can help to prevent a dry scalp.

Avoid the hairdryer. The excessive heat can damage your scalp and lead to further dryness, or possibly even flaking. If you need to use your hairdryer, keep it on a low heat seating and hold it at a distance of 15cm from your scalp.

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